How to Stop Biting Nails

One problem that many people have is biting their nails. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, it’s generally not considered socially acceptable and there is quite a bit of grime and dirt under your nails that is not best to be in or around the mouth. Many people have developed the habit of biting their nails because of some other problem. Some people have medical conditions such as a pinched nerve or an inoperable tumor that is affecting the nerves. Some people bite their nails when they are anxious or worried about something. Some have bad teeth and worry that they won’t even last until snack time at the local fast food establishment.

Nail biting is often best treated with the use of a nail-biting comb. A manicure is often necessary to get rid of the habit and unsightly nails are a thing of the past. To learn how to stop biting your nails you first need to identify the reasons that cause you to bite your nails. Once you have found your root cause you can go about eliminating the cause.

The first step is often to take a look at your psychological makeup. If you have some kind of phobia such as a fear of dogs, or onions, you will very easily be drawn to biting your nails. There are some instances where people with bitten nails must be acknowledged and treated as if they have no other choice. People with a fear of spider bites will not bite their nails but in these cases, the nails are no longer poisonous in time the fear will take over and will cause them to rather bite their nails rather than let them be.

Biting your nails can come from many different places. It may start as early as when people are as young as five or six years old. If your table stress or worry is the cause then you will see your nails grow. People with unhealthy worries tend to worry less about their work and more about what they think may happen to them so their nails often begin to show the first signs of change before they are Eight to Ten years old.

Some people don’t know when they are biting their nails. There are some situations where even though you say “but what ifs” it is a no because your hands are in your lap and you are nervous. All of these types of situations can start a nail-biting habit.

The real problem is often brought on by frustration. When you are tired or have done something you have been trying to do for a long time and still nothing has been successful you may start to think about what you have missed out on. Then when you start missing out on things you decide to bite your nails to try and relieve some of the frustration.

Nail biting is a biting addiction and you need to recognize just how serious this is. Only your doctor can determine if the necessary treatment for your nail-biting issue is to be considered. You need to be sure to address your situation by addressing it.

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