Waters gulch spa, famous for Gangnam spa, is a hotel spa & massage located on the first basement floor of Gangnam Art Nouveau City Hotel located at Exit 5 of Gangnam Station. So, if you work nearby, you can experience healing at any time during lunch or after work in the city center nearby.

When you get off on the first basement floor of Gangnam Art Nouveau City, you can really feel the aroma from the tip of your nose, so you can feel that I have visited the waters gulch spa well.

When you enter the entrance, there is a really unique sculpture that seems to show the wonderful sense of waters gulch spa. Not only the entrance but also the interior was very sensuous and artistic, so I was so excited and excited even before receiving the spa.

Gangnam Spa waters gulch spa is a shop designated as a partner of LG Household & Health Care Wine Spa. And in 2021, it was introduced as the first place in the beauty/spa category among the 70 types of wellness in Seoul selected by the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Seoul Tourism Organization.

Waters gulch spa is an oriental therapy mixed with dry and oil management that presses the blood points, an aroma spa where you can feel comfortable and relaxing, deep point management that is acupuncture point therapy, hot stone management using stones, head spa management, and finally spa and massage. There are so many other programs that are not introduced in addition to the day spa we run together.​

And since it is possible to manage a couple, you can visit as a couple and receive it as a couple.